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  • Boiler Repair by Iceberg Heating & Cooling

    Iceberg Heating & Cooling’s boiler repair services are all backed with a 5-year, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so your boiler repair and boiler maintenance can be affordable. Boiler repair is one of the most effective way to lower heating costs, save money, and increase efficiency.

    Since 1998, we’ve served Monroe County by offering comprehensive HVAC services as well as 24-Hour Emergency Service. Within an hour of your call, we’re on our way to ensure your home is warm and safe.

    Boiler Repair and Boiler Maintenance Services

    It is important to have your boiler checked and inspected annually to maintain optimum efficiency. During maintenance checkups, our technicians will evaluate your system and locate any minor repairs that may be necessary. Due to these preventative measures, boiler maintenance is proven reduce the need for costly repairs. If you would like to sign up for boiler maintenance through our Comfort Club™, or need to discuss a current boiler issue and are seeking repair services, call Iceberg Heating & Cooling. We’re on call and online, 24/7 for Monroe County residents.

    Some signs your boiler may need a repair:

    • Blown pilot light
    • Not enough or lack of heat
    • The boiler is leaking water
    • The pressure gauge is too high
    • Bolts have come loose

    Boiler Maintenance Options & Tips

    Continual boiler maintenance can almost completely eliminate the need for pricey repairs, and give you peace of mind. Our Comfort Club™ offers many benefits to lower safety inspection and annual maintenance costs as well.

    While our annual boiler maintenance is necessary to keep your heating system in proper optimum working condition, there are a few things you can do to help maintain your boiler at home:

    • Keep the boiler room clean
    • Make sure the boiler has proper ventilation
    • Read the owner’s manual so you understand boiler parts and terminology
    • Keep a boiler operation log recording water level, boiler operating pressure, and gas pressure

    Emergency Boiler Repairs

    Whether your heating system breaks down at one in the morning or on the hottest day of the year, emergency boiler repair is just a phone call away. Our emergency services team is always available when you call us. We are ready to be at your doorstep as quickly as possible with the tools and experience you need.

    We stock our trucks with the most recent equipment and parts to solve any boiler issue your home experiences. Our goal is to ensure you and your family stays safe, warm, and comfortable throughout the whole year — night or day.

    Our emergency boiler repair services are designed to be there within an hour of when you call, provide prompt workmanship, customer satisfaction, and deliver 24/7 support you can rely on. When it comes to home services, our emergency repairs have you completely covered.

    If you need a boiler maintenance inspection or boiler repair in Monroe County, never hesitate to call Iceberg Heating & Cooling. Our Comfort Specialists are standing by at all hours to take your call. We provide emergency services within an hour of your first call. Iceberg’s boiler technicians are always on time with our On Time Promise.

    Boiler Repair FAQs:

    How much does a Boiler Repair cost?

    As a consumer, the chances are high that you’ve performed a bit of external research and located the national average cost for boiler repairs. What that average does not tell you are the numerous factors that are considered before a final price is written up by your experienced repair specialists.

    Most home boilers require repair and maintenance to continue working at the highest level of efficiency. Boilers are already relatively efficient, but aren’t fixed easily. Hiring a professional offers a solid warranty on workmanship, and is essential to ensuring your home is safe and comfortable.

    Before our service technicians perform any repair work, we’ll write up a comprehensive quote for our services. This is so you know the total cost of boiler repairs. No surprises, no gimmicks. We never blindside our customers with hidden fees or overpriced services. We guarantee you can trust our services and prices!

    How do I find a trustworthy contractor to maintain or repair my boiler?

    A hot water heating system consists of a boiler, a network of pipes to distribute the water, and radiators or radiant flooring to heat your home. The controls to handle the boiler system include a combination gauge to check water temperature and pressure, valves, and an expansion tank. It is certainly not a do-it-yourself task for homeowners to try and tackle by themselves. A professional contractor, one who is trustworthy and efficient, is required to complete repairs and maintenance tasks on a boiler.

    Locating such a reliable contractor can seem confusing with so many options available. The most efficient method is by using reviews and worth of mouth. Online reviews can also provide a basis for your decision. Whatever method you choose, we hope that you call Iceberg Heating & Cooling, an A+ Rated company with the BBB with 5-Star Customer Satisfaction online, for assistance.

    To discuss boiler repair and boiler maintenance, call Iceberg Heating & Cooling to speak with a knowledgeable home heating technician or contact us via our online form.

    Done Right, Done Fast, Done on Time. Call Iceberg Heating & Cooling at 734.265.0922. We’re the right choice; we guarantee it!